Other vendor custom bar types or Apex diagnostic bars not showing up

NinjaTrader has a limited number of "slots" for custom bar types and there is no way to know which is using which slot.

Sometimes our default slot, "Custom8", will conflict with bars distributed by other vendors. Luckily, we have given you a way to move our bars to different slot. Please follow these instructions to change the slot used by our bars:

Note if you have not updated since 11 AM ET May 5 th 2014 then first run the install file so the setting will show up after you run the install file close it and run it again. So when it says install complete then run it again to see the setting for changing the custom bar type as shown below.

  1. Click "Edit Settings"
  2. Select a different bar slot
  3. Close the window (it will say your bar type is ie custom3 or whatever - thats it - you close the little setting window for the customer bar number selector at this point there is no submit button)
  4. Run "Install" as usual and your good to go.


Note that if you change this setting, your custom saved workspaces won't load properly until you have replaced them with new ones. Ideally, you will avoid changing it except in the case of a conflict of bar types.

NinjaTrader gives a small number of "slots" for custom bar types.

We use the slot "Custom8" for our Diagnostic Bars. Sometimes it conflicts with bars provided by another vendor. When you have a conflicting bar type installed, NinjaTrader will only display one of them. Sometimes it blocks our bars; sometimes it blocks the bars from the other vendor. Just follow the steps above to resolve this.

The following use custom 8

  • RJayTickRangeAdaptive
  • WickedLineBreak
  • Better Range
  • BWT LineBreak
  • PureLogic LineBreak
  • SiTrueRenko
  • Time Trade
  • Diagnostic Bars

You are free to use any bar type you want. However, understand other bars have other settings, so you will be seeing a different chart and will not have the exact same system. You may explore this and may like the results. You would have to test settings and bar sizes and test the system rules to know of they would work.If this is the case we would love to hear from you.

It is important to note that our indicators are programmed and tested for time based bars and our diagnostic bars so we can not possibly guarantee or support cross integration of over 100 unique bar types with every indicator and our system That is not to say it will not work its just to say we don't know and have know idea on the impact of the system by using different bars and settings.

Our bars are completely unique in how they work and the absolute accuracy for time stamping, volume calculations, reset on rollover and gaps and more to ensure the most accuracy in a bar.

If you are not seeing apexdiagnosticbars you are using a bar type that uses custom 8. If this is not the case simply submit a help desk ticket and we will hop on your computer to help you resolve it quickly. Most vendors simply sell a bar type not a complete system that is why we are able to do this. We are not just programmers but also traders so we teach how to put the entire package together for real application. This is not to demean anyone else's bar type it is just a trading system versus a bar type thing.

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