How to find the correct Apex Diagnostic Bar size for a particular instrument

Diagnostic Bar Size, Pattern Indicator, and Market Analyzer Settings:

Do not have data feeds set to connect on startup.

NOTE make sure you do always connect to AMP/CQG first then FXCM OR IQFeed Second.

Do not have data set to record historical data.

Market replay can be done with a batch download and is much more accurate.

It is highly recommended that each day you delete the NinjaTrader/db/cache folder to ensure charts are accurate

You may use the bar sizer. however these are the sizes we have tested and have worked well.  Some are larger. Remember the goal is good trades not lots of trades. We do have momentum scalps BMX and MVP reversals, and multiple markets to get us more than enough trades.

If you want Darrell to test any bar size on a instrument you often trade

1) First go here and take this course:
2) Test out the bar sizes
3) Then in the help desk submit your recommendations  (He will spend 30 minutes to an hour doing this so please let it be a instrument you are trading and you have done the research also)

In slower markets you may want to use a smaller than normal bar size. This comes with experience.



UPDATED: 08/29/2014 (Updated Usually 1 x per Quarter Check Daily)

The MVP Indicator Should be Using 10 Tick Offset For the Volatile Trend Line Offset

BMX Zone is minimum of 5 Ticks and normally 5 ticks on lower volatility instruments (more volatile instruments which have lower brick sizes under 20 we will use 1/2 the brick size or 5 whichever is greater)

Instrument Bar Size Settings For Diagnostic Bars:



  • YM, 26 For Trend Entries- but also works great with 12, for additional entries
  • TF, 14 For Trend Entries- but also works great with 6 (especially in slower markets), for additional (Stops are usually 6 ticks instead of 5)
  • NQ, 14
  • ES, 10
  • FTSE, 6 ticks, but not the best market to trade ( must pay for extra data series)
  • FDAX, 24




  • GC, 10 For Day Trading – or position trade – 48 (Stops are usually 6 ticks instead of 5)
  • CL, 12 (Stops are usually 6 ticks instead of 5)
  • NG, 17


Forex: (may also try 6 on fx markets in slower markets etc..)


  • A/J, 20
  • U/J (6j), 14
  • G/J, 24 ( 6 For Tight Scalps or slower markets) (Stops are usually 6 ticks instead of 5)
  • A/U (6a), 6
  • E/U (6e), 10
  • G/U (6b), 6
  • U/C (6c), 6


  1. Always use Default 24×7 as the session view
  2. Make sure you are on the correct Futures contract month (ie make sure on September not August (Check the exchanges website – ie for volume, ask in the trade room, or check the nadex scanners)


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