What is the Learning Management System?

After signing into the Apex website, you'll notice that there is an Education section at the top.  Within that menu item, you'll spot a link called, "Summary Apex Investing Courses".  We made it so that it's one of the first things you see after signing in for a reason; we think it's one of the most important.  At Apex, we don't just provide you with tools, we provide you with something much more important: education.

As part of our ongoing process, we're trying to deliver learning material to you in a fashion that is easy to digest and quickly pick up.  The Apex Investing Courses or Learning Management System is one of those things we've provided to quickly get you on your feet.

So what are they?

Well, they're short video clips taken from the several hundred webinars that we've hosted over the years, accompanied by quizzes that outline the most important information.  You will be graded, but don't worry, if you get any questions wrong, we give you the correct answers so you don't stay lost.  You can also come back and review them anytime you like.

The courses have been designed in a way that you can pick up a particular strategy and by the time you've finished, you've acquired all the knowledge required to trade that strategy.  


There is a course called, "Boomerang System -For Binary Options Only". In this course we start with what a boomerang is, what a binary option is, what volume is.  You know, the basics so you have an idea as to what you're getting yourself into.  Then we have modules that make sure you've got what you need to trade the system, (How to access the trading pit for help with the process, tools required, and chart templates that you can use).  Next we go into the details of each phase and how they work.  Lastly, we wrap it up with some training on how to use our Stop Plug in and Scanners so you know how to enter a boomerang trade after you've identified what one is.

What other courses are available?

We are constantly adding more as we can.  At the time of writing this article, there are eight courses ready.

It is really in your best interest to step through these courses and learn, as we've gone through great lengths to make them as easy as possible for you.  There's nothing more dissatisfying in the Apex world than someone cancelling their account because they couldn't understand our systems, only for us to review their account and see that they never stepped foot into these courses and even made an attempt at them.

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