Chart is showing incorrect data? How to reset your instruments.

If you have already deleted the cached data files in your NT7, have re-installed the latest release of the Toolkit and are running the latest version of NinjaTrader which as of this post in version: 7.0.1000.25. If a chart is showing something similar to the screenshot below, you will need to Reset your Instruments in NT7. This is done as follows:

  1. Disconnect from your data feeds
  2. Navigate to Tools>Options>Data
  3. Click the "Reset Instruments" button (screenshot shows what you should be seeing).
  4. When the process has finished click "OK".
  5. Close and then re-open your NT7 and the issue should be resolved.

NOTE: After accomplishing this, the Session Template's for your instruments will need to be updated back to "Default 24/7" using the Instrument Manager in NT7.

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