NinjaTrader Seems Soooo Slow Lately (NinjaTrader Tune Up)

If NinjaTrader is seeming much slower than normal make sure you follow the following steps asap:

NinjaTrader Tune Up Steps

1) Open the Blank Workspace (file - workspace - open workspace)

2) Close all your workspaces except the blank workspace (Ensure both yoru futures and forex data fed connections are set to NOT connect on Startup)

3) Close NinjaTrader

(Note you should do the above daily and anytime you shut down NinjaTrader. Even if you have a power PC shut it down and ideally reboot your pc daily. You can do this at the end of your trading session if you want so your ready to go for the next day)

3A Go to C:\Users\[yourusernameoncomputer]\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\db

4) Reinstall the Toolkit

5) Open NinjaTrader - (Do not connect to data trust me this will be faster to get you setup)
Subset to make sure all the old is cleaned up
A) Go to Tools -> Edit NinjaScript -> Indicator
B) Click ADL and click OK (You will see a bunch of code ignore it just click on the window)
C) Click the F5 key at the top of your keyboard (or the compile button next to the binoculars) You will hear a sound
(If you get any kind of error that means you have some other indicator with errors in it and need to remove it)

6) Do not use ANY old workspaces or old templates using old code and new code will cause NinjaTrader to Run Super Slow

7) File New Workspace - then open instruments and apply templates Feel free to make a new template and apply it to other charts (again do not use the old ones)

8) Save the Workspace (NOTE the more charts the more workspaces you have open with charts etc.. in them the slower NinjaTrader will be)

9) Now Connect To Data (Wait a few moments for it all to upload the new data)

10) Make sure to close the workspace only having the blank workspace open when you close NinjaTrader

Daily Going Forward - NinjaTrader Best Practices (Daily Oil Change - 1,000's of ticks flying through NinjaTrader daily lets get it ready for a new day)

1) When done for the day/session: Close all your workspaces except the blank workspace File -> Workspaces - > Close Workspace (Ensure both your futures and forex data fed connections are set to NOT connect on Startup)

2) Close NinjaTrader

3) Reboot PC (Yes even you power pc traders) (Can do this immediately or in the AM when you startup again)

4) Open NinjaTrader

5) Connect To Data
(Again ensure not connected on startup)
(Before opening workspaces -before in the tune up section we waited to connect so we could build them and make the templates without having to load the data. Once they are build this is a much faster method to connect to data first and THEN load templates)

6) Open Workspaces (File Workspaces Open)

7) Repeat at end of day/trading session

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