I am using IQFeed and my Expected Volume is not showing.

If you are using IQFeed and your Expected Volume is not showing, please follow the steps below.

In NinjaTrader
1) Make sure neither of your data feeds are connected at startup.
2) Close all your workspaces and charts to make sure you don't have anything loaded on the next startup.
3) Shut down NinjaTrader

Start ApexInvesting Toolkit for NinjaTrader
1) Select "Tools" -> "Clean NinjaTrader's Data Cache"
2) Close the program

Start NinjaTrader again
1) Connect to CQG data feed
2) Connect to FXCM data feed
(note if you have other data feeds you can connect to them after
doing steps 1 and 2 - ie IQ feed will not load enough tick data so
you need to do steps 1 and 2 and then if you want IQ feed then you
can connect to it)
3) Open new chart and load a corresponding template

If you are still having issue then:

Please follow these steps below and let us know if this resolves the issue for you.

Expected Volume indicator stops working

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