After Rolling a Futures contract in my Instruments list I receive an error message that includes "rollover date needs to be set in the past"

If after Rolling a Futures contract in your NT7 you receive an error message on a chart that includes "require rollover date to be set in the past" the date that the contract's rollover would need to be set to would be relayed in the message as well, and will need to be edited in your NT7 Instruments. The steps for doing this are relayed in the screenshot below.

Error message:

Numbered Steps to follow:

1. On the NT7 Control Center Go to the Tools>Instrument Manager & Enter contract symbol in the Name field.

2.Click Search

3.Click Edit

4.Click Misc tab

5.Scroll to bottom of Misc window and double click contract months defined field

6.Select desired contract month from left hand side of window to load the correct contract that needs to have the Rollover date edited.

7.Edit Rollover date to the date that was relayed in error message or before.

8.Click OK on Contract months window

9.Click OK on Instrument Editor window

After accomplishing this you should be able to load a chart for the contract with Indicators on it with no issues.

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