How to install the Apex toolkit

Step 6 of the getting started steps takes you to the toolkit installation page where a video has been provided that will walk you through it step by step.  The video has been inserted below as well.

  1. Ensure you've installed and ran NinjaTrader at least once prior to toolkit installation.
  2. Close the NinjaTrader application.
  3. Download the toolkit from the download page and run the installer.
  4. Double click the Apex Investing Toolkit shortcut on your desktop.
  5. Click Install and enter your username & password for
  6. Select the most recent release from the top of the list, (has most recent date) and click OK.

Special Note:  If you have a different vendors' bar type installed, you may have to select a different custom bar type slot.  This won't apply to most people, but if it does apply to you, see this support article.


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